KLM Painting was established in 1987.


Years of Experience

As a full service residential repainting contractor specializing in the repainting of homes in the Metro Atlanta Area. Our ability to communicate with customers, complete projects in a timely fashion and provide a quality service at a reasonable price are the reasons for our continued success and reputation. Customer satisfaction leading to referral and repeat business is our most effective marketing tool. At KLM we believe that the key to providing professional service is good communication and a swift response to the needs and concerns of our customers. Our workers are expected to be courteous and professional in appearance. We demand quality work from our crews and we will accept nothing less. When you choose KLM for your project, you will never be asked to make a down payment. You will be submitted a bill upon completion, only after a final inspection by you. Some of the things that you will not see with KLM are billboards, fancy vans and expensive sports cars with KLM plastered all over them. You will not see television ads or hear radio spots touting our great company. These are simply marketing tools that do nothing more than drive up the price of your job. If you are looking at our website or you have seen our advertising then you are our target market. What you will see and hear about are thousands of satisfied customers throughout the Metro Atlanta Area. Chances are some of them are your neighbors.