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Most of our builders have been with us for many years. We use only the highest quality paints and primers on all of our new homes. Over the years, we have painted a wide array of new home types from starter homes to multi-million dollar estates.




Now it’s time to paint. KLM believes that it is our responsibility to use the highest quality products available to us for your project. When determining the total cost of any paint project the labor is always the highest expense so using the best products just makes sense. One of the differences between our company and our competition in this regard is our recommendations to our customers. We do not recommend any product to our customers that we know will not perform as advertised. We will not try to sell you a second coat of paint for your home unless it is absolutely necessary to insure uniform coverage. If prepared correctly one coat of paint is all that is necessary, unless you are making a significant color change on your project. Paint suppliers are in the business to sell as much paint as possible so they may have a different opinion on this than we do. KLM has been painting homes in the metro Atlanta area for many years and we have seen the results of our work. Therefore we will never recommend to any of our customers any product with a lifetime warranty.

These warranties are as empty as the used buckets that they are packaged in. There is no paint that will last for the life of your home. This is merely a marketing tool to sell a product that is twice and in some cases three times the price of the product that will perform the same job. There are many factors that influence the life of a paint job. The Southeast United States has extreme fluctuations in the weather. Therefore, you can expect to repaint your home every five to eight years – depending on the level of exposure to the sun, the direction in which your home faces and the levels of moisture around your home.


KLM Painting is a full service drywall contractor specializing in residential and light commercial projects. We are fully insured with many references from satisfied customers.

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From your most elegant dining room to casual living spaces and game rooms, we have you covered because interior repaints are one of our specialties. When we arrive on the job, the first order of business is to protect all of your belongings including your carpets and hardwood floors. We cover everything. However, just in case, we are fully Insured and Bonded. Minor drywall touch up is included in our interior repaint service. Once again, as with the exterior of your home, the prep work is key.

In order to insure an excellent job, all trim and walls must be sanded. All cracks in the trim will be caulked and any nail holes will be filled. Once the prep is complete, we apply the highest quality oil based enamel on all trim and the highest quality latex eggshell finish on all of the walls. We use oil based trim paint for its durability on doors, casings, crown, windows and baseboards. We use a latex eggshell finish on all walls for its durability as well as its washability. Normally we use ceiling white on all ceilings as it is the best paint to hide any small imperfections in the drywall that you may have on your ceilings. When KLM completes an interior repaint of your home it’s like moving into a new house.


KLM has been painting new homes in the Metro Atlanta area since 1987. Most of our builders have been with us for many years. We use only the highest quality paints and primers on all of our new homes. Over the years, we have painted a wide array of new home types from starter homes to multi-million dollar estates.

We are happy to provide you with a list of new homebuilders in the area so that you can see some of our work and speak to some of our builders. We offer quality paint jobs at competitive prices as well as excellent and timely service. All of our painters have been trained by me personally and only know one way to do things and that is the right way. Please call if you are interested in creating a long term relationship with someone in the paint business who does what they say.


KLM pressure washes each of our exterior repaints before any other work commences. Ladders and commercial pressure washers are used with one goal in mind, to make your house exterior as clean as we possibly can. To ensure a high quality paint job, surfaces must be cleaned as well as mold, mildew and dirt free.


KLM has full time carpenters to replace or repair any damaged wood on your home. KLM will never paint over any surface that we know is in need of repair. The reason for this is that the paint will not adhere, and you will not receive a quality paint job. Occasionally during the prep phase of the job, we will discover additional damaged wood needing repair or replacement. At this point, we will bring our carpenters back in to repair the wood before proceeding. This makes the job more difficult for us, but it is the right thing to do.


Has your deck lost its luster, begun to turn grey or losing it’s color? There is one culprit, the sun. As there is one culprit there is but one solution – cleaning and restaining. KLM has been restoring decks in the Georgia Area for more than 15 years.

The years of experience we have in restoring decks has taught us that there are no fast gimmick solutions to fix this problem. There are three things you need to restore your deck back to its original beauty.

  1. Bleach
  2. 4000 PSI of Water Pressure
  3. Old Fashioned Hard Work

Outdoor decks are very popular in the Georgia Area and for good reasons. They improve the overall look of our homes, they increase the value of our homes, and they provide a space for our friends and families to gather and enjoy the outdoors. Put our experience to work for you and restore your deck back to its original beauty.