From your most elegant dinning replacepicklm1room to casual living spaces and game rooms, we have you covered because interior repaints are one of our specialties. When we arrive on the job, the first order of business is to protect all of your belongings including your carpets and hard wood floors. We cover everything. However, just in case, we are fully Insured and Bonded. Minor drywall touch up is included in our interior repaint service. Once again, as with the exterior of your home, the prep work is key.

In order to insure an excellent job, all trim and walls must be sanded. All cracks in the trim will be caulked and any nail holes will be filled. Once the prep is complete, we apply the highest quality oil based enamel on all trim and the highest quality latex eggshell finish on all of the walls. We use oil based trim paint for its durability on doors, casings, crown, windows and baseboards.

replacementpicklm2We use a latex eggshell finish on all walls for its durability as well as its washability. Normally we use ceiling white on all ceilings as it is the best paint to hide any small imperfections in the drywall that you may have on your ceilings. When KLM completes an interior repaint of your home its like moving into a new house.